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July 14, 2016
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July 14, 2016




  • Automatically price jobs
  • Keep track of materials
  • Raise purchase orders
  • Group multiple jobs into a single invoice
  • Allow clients to approve costs before submitting an invoice

Elogbooks accounts dashboard allows you to set up billing groups and tarrifs and keep track of your revenue and costs for each task carried out in the system. You can use our accounting application to manage materials, raise purchase orders and to create invoices.

Each task will automatically be costed and can go through up to three levels of approval. You can even allow your clients to log in so that they can approve costs before you submit an invoice.

The dashboard keeps track of costs as they move through the accounting process allowing you to see how much revenue is outstanding and better manage credit control.

The accounts dashboard can be integrated with your exising accounts package to allow seemless transfer of data. or you can export any data to excel.