Property Dashboard
July 13, 2016

Planned Maintenance



  • Intuitive PPM planner
  • Linked to industry specification
  • Update jobs via the web or app
  • Comprehensive job audit trails
  • Automated chasing for overdue tasks

Elogbooks has an intuitive planned maintenance system that allows you to set up assets and tasks and then plan jobs according to your own or industry standard schedules. All PPM can be viewed through the electronic logbook in an easy to use colour coded planner.

You can give your engineers or suppliers the ability to log in and create their own assets and planned maintenance using our click and drag planning tool, with a built in approval system so that you have final say.

All PPM jobs are tracked by the helpdesk tool ensuring that tasks are completed and that statutory documentation is uploaded on time. Jobs can be updated in real time via the web or using our engineer app providing comprehensive audit trails that mean everyone always stays informed.

Tasks can be linked to industry specification sets such as SFG20 or alternatively you can load your own specification.