July 15, 2016
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July 15, 2016

Software Training



Training Features

  • On-site training
  • Bespoke Training Packages

We provide advice and support to our clients throughout the initial trial and assessment phase to ensure that their Elogbooks system is properly implemented and mobilised. This support, which is usually free of charge, involves a mix of on-site visits and ongoing telephone support

Once the client’s system has been installed and the initial mobilisation has been completed, there is generally a requirement to provide training to key stake holders, to client users, and also to the client’s service providers who will be using the system. Details of that training are provided below.

Client Training (FM)

  • Elogbooks Training Academy. The FM Training course provides FMs and other client users with a solid understanding of the Elogbooks system, and a full introduction to all the key features and functions of the FM Dashboard.

    The course is divided into units, and each unit is made up of a short video and a post-video survey. The course can be fitted around your schedule and doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting allowing you flexibility to undertake your training.

  • On-Site Training. Where large numbers of client staff require training, and where those individuals are based at a single location, we may undertake that training on-site rather than through a webinar. There is generally a cost involved in on-site training.

Who should be involved in the Client training?

The client staff training covers all aspects of the FM Dashboard. The training is primarily aimed at Facilities Managers and Building Managers, but is also of interest to Regional Managers, Surveyors, Assistant Managers, and any other client staff who has an active interest in one or more of the client’s properties.

Service Provider Training

We undertake all of the training of our clients’ suppliers and service providers. This ensures that the service provider company is aware of Elogbooks and how they are required to use and interact with it. We proactively invite our clients’ service providers onto the webinars and we report back to our clients those service providers that ignore or decline the invitation.

The service provider training is conducted via live “public” online webinar and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. The webinars are free of charge, and any number of service provider employees can attend a webinar.

We also offer the option of “private” webinars for service providers, if they prefer to have their own webinar at a date/time that suits them. There is a charge of £150+vat per session.

Who should be involved in the SP training?

The service provider training covers all aspects of the Service Providers logbook, so the individual(s) with the following responsibilities should be encouraged to attend the training session –

  • Planned/Scheduled (PPM) works – The person(s) who will be responsible for uploading and creating schedules of planned works for each of the client’s properties at which the service provider operates (i.e. all the planned jobs carried out on site – weekly, monthly, annually etc).
  • Job updates and closures – The person(s) responsible for updating and closing Planned and Reactive/Emergency jobs on the Elogbooks system, and also anyone involved in uploading and attaching any related paperwork to these jobs.
  • KPI surveys – Anyone who might be responsible for completing client KPI surveys.
  • Quotes – Anyone who will be responsible for preparing and responding to client quote requests sent through the Elogbooks system.
  • Supervisor/Managers – Anyone responsible for monitoring the overall service being provided to the client (team leaders, contracts managers etc).