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July 14, 2016
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July 14, 2016

Supplier Performance Management



  • Granular performance reporting
  • 3 dimensional measurement
  • Benchmark and rank suppliers
  • Occupier feedback

Elogbooks works to help improve service delivery across your portfolio. We help you generate a 3 dimensional benchmark of supplier performance so that you know exactly the level of service you are receiving.

Our supplier statistics are generated in a unique way that allows the supplier to analyse and interrogate their scores and find out where they are failing. Using our job audit histories they can identify individual areas of weakness and can then work to better their performance for you.

Our scoring focuses on three areas of measurement:

  1. SLAs and hard statistics generated through the system
  2. KPI reporting and monthly FM review feedback
  3. End user and occupier satisfaction

We can also accredit or pre-qualify your contractors to ensure they are compliant as well as performing to your standards. If you need to find a new supplier you can also access our database of benchmarked elogbooks accredited suppliers straight from your FM dashboard.